Product Registration

Complete the form below to register your Rinnai product.

Step 1

Registration info
Multiple Uploads
This option allows you to bulk register Rinnai units by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.
Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet template.
Please add the following information:
  • Owner First and Last Name
  • Owner Company Name (for Commercial registrations only)
  • Owner Address
  • Owner Zip Code/Postal Code
  • Owner Email
  • Owner Phone Number
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Application Type
  • Recirculation Type
  • Purchase Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
Once you have completed the spreadsheet, name file and save.
Select "Choose File" and select the spreadsheet to upload.
Select Complete Registration.
Upon submission of the spreadsheet, the system will validate the model number and serial number and check for any missing information.
The system will accept and confirm all valid rows. If any errors were detected, you will be provided the row number and the reason it could not be validated. Please resubmit with correct information.
Caution! — Do not modify the worksheet formats in any way or the units will not load.
Product info

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